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Do you want to visit Arenal?

Arenal in a national park where the volcano of the same name is located. It currently remains dormant, but in 1968 had an eruption where it was possible to see a large amount of lava flow and incandescent stones, which caused many tourists to visit this magical place with the sole mission of seeing these eruptions.

You will have a wonderful view of the cone of the volcano, biodiversity, wildlife, hiking, scenic beauties. On the way there, you will pass by very typical villages that will show you about Costa Rican life, their customs, and their architectural churches. They are a great incentive to have to visit this part of our beautiful country that is almost a mandatory stop to learn about the most beautiful parts of our country.

It takes about 3 and a half hours from San Jose or Guanacaste to reach this majestic place, so it is important to have your transportation, your accommodation, and your activities pre-organized. We can arrange this for your comfort and with the confidence of being in the hands of experts.

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La Fortuna San Carlos is one of the most emblematic destinations in Costa Rica.

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What to do in Arenal Volcano Costa Rica?

Firstly, leave the decisions to us to offer you excellent transportation and good lodging according to your budget

  • Thermal Springs: We have options to enjoy the thermal waters in the same hotel complex or you can hire a special midday or evening pass with dinner included to enjoy this variety of pools at different temperatures. They are a moment of maximum relaxation and great family activity.
  • Arenal Lake: It is a must to visit Arenal Lake during your visit to this beautiful place. From its operation as a source of energy for our country to enjoy activities like Kayak or flyboard or simply have breakfast in this famous lagoon, in the boats that offer this magical service for the enjoyment of its visitors.
  • The Canopy is one of the greatest attractions of the volcano because around this colossus we find several forests that allow us to explore them and offer visitors incredible views of the area that you would not have otherwise.
  • Of course, you can practice other types of activities according to your liking such as hiking, butterflies, ATVs, horseback riding, visits to waterfalls among many other activities that we can offer you within this beautiful place.
  • We have different options in which we can adapt to your budget and your needs.
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