Do you want to visit Tortuguero?

This beautiful National Park is one of the tourist icons of our country, this is because it is internationally recognized for the protection plan of green turtle nesting.

The Park has an extension of 76.937 hectares of which 50.284 are marine and 26.653 are land.

Our beautiful National Park is made up of many rivers and canals, where the only means of access is by boat. small communities surrounding it maintain their traditions and where the only means of transport is by bicycle, something very particular today as most places have access to a car to move.

To know how to get to Tortuguero, Costa Rica. From San Jose, the trip by car to Puerto Viejo to take the boat takes about 4 hours, plus the 20-minute boat ride where you can observe nature during the trip.

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Internationally recognized for protecting the most important green turtle nesting beach in the western hemisphere.

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What to do in Tortuguero?

  • Sea turtle observation: in this beautiful place during the sea turtle nesting season you can take night tours to see the turtles’ nesting and see the majestic process of conserving this type of fauna. Important care is taken to ensure that the turtles are not mistreated, or their eggs are stolen, thus avoiding the extinction of this species.
  • Hiking: they have beautiful trails with many entrances to the beach. During the nesting season, we can observe traces and nests of turtles and other species such as hawks, monkeys, dragonflies, and butterflies.
  • Town of Tortuguero: you have a tour to visit the town of Tortuguero, which is incredibly beautiful, quiet, and where you can still observe the customs of this population and its gastronomy.
  • Tour in the channels: we can organize tours in the canals of Tortuguero for the sightings of birds, reptiles, howler monkeys among many other species.

Finally, if you want a visit where your mind and body can free themselves from all this sonic pollution and the stress of daily life in big and populated cities, this is a great option where the whole stay will be surrounded by nature.

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